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Are you registered to hold wedding ceremonies at The Manor Gardens?

Unfortunately we’re not at this stage but it’s certainly something we’d like to consider in the future.

Do you have your own marquee or catering service?

No, we don’t, but we do have some fantastic local contacts that we can put you in touch with so you can create your day exactly how you like it.

Is there a maximum number of guests we can invite to the venue?

The price is based on 120 guests, but do speak to us if you would like to discuss accommodating more.

Can we run our own bar?

The Manor Gardens is not licensed for the sale of alcohol. Only if you intend to sell alcohol, will you require a Temporary Event Notice (TENS) from Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council. We, or your event organisers, will be happy to assist in making this application, the cost of which is a £21 fee to Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council.

How long do we get to set up and pack away?

You are hiring the venue for five full days (generally Thursday to Monday for a Saturday event) to allow plenty of time for set up and then pack away.

Can guests and the wedding party camp?

Yes, we can offer camping for you and your guests at our established off-grid woodland campsite,, which is just two miles away. We are happy to discuss some limited camping on site.

Is there parking available at The Manor Gardens?

Yes, we can accommodate up to 50 cars within the site and there is further parking at the end of the drive; about 2-3 minutes walk along a lovely route.

Can cars be left in the car park overnight?

Yes, but they must be collected by midday the next day.

Do you supply cutlery, crockery, glass wear, tablecloths and napkins, etc.?

No. You will find that most good caterers will provide all of the necessary equipment needed as part of their package.

Is there plenty of shade if it’s very hot on our wedding day?

Yes, there are many areas where guests can go to enjoy the unique gardens. You have exclusive use of the entire gardens for the duration of the hire-period, so feel free to plot out the different stages of your reception to make the most of the surroundings.

Is there anywhere to set up games?

Yes, we have a large flat lawn area, which was previously the tennis court for the Manor.

Can we have fireworks?

In order to keep the disturbance to local residents and wildlife to a minimum, I’m afraid fireworks are not permitted.

How level is The Manor Gardens – is it suitable for my elderly or disabled guests?

The main area of the gardens are fairly level. However it is almost entirely grass without defined footpaths. So, in summary, it is suitable, but they might need a helping hand occasionally.

Do you have a music/noise curfew?

We require all amplified music or loud noise to be bought to a close by 11pm at the latest and ask that all guests have left the site by 12.00 midnight. This is to avoid upsetting local residents they are some distance away, but noise does like to travel.

Are we free to decorate The Manor Gardens?

Yes, you may decorate the area in a reasonable manner for your event, however no nails or other fixings should be used and all decorations are to be take down and removed from site after the event.

Do you have electricity or water on site?

We do have a water supply but you will need to hire in lavatories for your event. There is, however, no electrical supply you will need to bring generators to site.

Can we have confetti?

We are happy for you to have confetti but ask that it is natural confetti, such as rose petals or other flowers.

Do you allow candles, torches and fires?

Candles and paraffin torches are not permitted in the woodland areas or close to trees (please discuss with us any requirements for these in advance). Swedish Candles and logs for fires can be provided by us at a small cost by prior arrangement, but these must be placed in safe locations where there is no risk of catching other materials alight. If you would like to have a fire-pit, we will agree a location with you.

Can we launch Chinese lanterns?

Unfortunately, we don’t allow Chinese lanterns to be launched as the debris impacts on our local residents and farmland. It also causes harm to local livestock. This ruling is in line with recommendations from the Country Land & Business Association.

Do suppliers need to provide insurance certificates?

All outside suppliers used at The Manor Gardens must supply a public liability insurance certificate.

Can our photographer come to the venue to have a look before the day?

Yes, as long as you make an appointment beforehand.

Will we get our deposit back?

The deposit is firstly to reserve the site and it is not refundable in the event that you cancel. We hope to return all of your deposit to you after your celebration, however this is subject to any damage to the site. For example, malicious damage to young plants or trees.

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